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Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender

  • Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender
  • Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender
  • Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender
  • Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender


Mirabella Flawless Silicone Sponge - Makeup Blender Tool for Cream and Liquid Foundation

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Product Description:

What it is:

An innovative, washable and reusable alternative that makes wasting cosmetics a thing of the past. The Flawless Silicone Blender allows for effective spreading and blending of liquid/cream cosmetics, while using only half the amount of product associated with traditional application with a sponge or brush. The cutting-edge Flawless Sponge is made of highly durable, non-porous silicone making it incredibly easy to clean.


For Best Results:

Take a minimal amount of cream liquid/cream product and work in a circular motions to spread the product across face until product will not spread further. Repeat to cover face. Tap repeatedly to blend and smooth, paying close attention to the jawline, hairline and around the eyes. In order to cover detailed areas, use the soft corner of the convenient tear-drop shape to detail small, tight areas of the face. Repeat and build coverage as needed.

About the product:

Introducing the new-and-now in beauty and a fun way to achieve those photo-fabulous finishing touches without the waste! This scratch-resistant, pliable, silicone-made make-up blender effortlessly and effectively blends, buffs, and blurs any cream/liquid make-up product to complexion-perfection. Easy-to-use, travel-friendly blender is non-porous and amazing uses only half the amount of product as traditional brushes and latex-based make-up sponges. A cinch to use! Simply take a minimal amount of your favorite Mirabella liquid/cream foundation, blush, or primer and apply to face or your Mirabella silicone blender. Use the blender to spread and blend and buff product across skin until undetectable. Repeat until entire face is finished. Tap repeatedly to blend, blur, and buff to smooth, complexion-porcelain perfection. Us the tear-shaped, smaller side of the blender to flawlessly work product into the more detailed areas of the face, including nose, around eyes, mouth, etc. Great for layering looks and building beautiful, customized coverage. Create your own personal, just-for-you foundation finish - from dewy to matte to airbrushed! Non-toxic, easy-to-clean, and won't lose its fun and flexible shape even after many months of multiple uses. Durable and long-lasting and won't harbor breakout-causing bacteria. Can be used with a myriad of make-up products, such as primers, foundations, blushes, and concealers. Go ahead and take a swipe at the clear choice in effortless beauty.

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