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Color Me Beautiful Mistake Proof Brow Kit

  • Color Me Beautiful Mistake Proof Brow Kit


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Product Description:

Color Me Beautiful Mistake Proof Brow Kit

Makeup Artist Brows have never been easier with these indispensable tools for brow shaping. Never again worry that your brows are too thick or too thin or unevenly shaped. This one kit puts professional, mistake proof results at your fingertips. Featuring three Brow Shaping Stencils based on glamorous, face flattering shapes, Eyebrow Shading Powder, Brow Lift with built in brow smoothing spoolie, Professional Slant Tip Mini Tweezer to quickly pluck strays, Double Ended Sable Brush and a large mirror for amazing results. Perfect brows made "oh so simple".

This instructive kit contains everything you need for glamorous eye brows in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 - Choose the Stencil Guide that best matches the look you desire.

Step 2 - Stoke inside stencil guide with brush using neutral Brow Powder (it is not necessary to fill in the brow area heavily; use a light stroke).

Step 3 - Remove stencils and using the professional Slanted Tip Mini Tweezers, remove stray brow hairs after creating your ideal brow shape.

Step 4 - Finally, set your new Hollywood Brows by using Brow Lift Gel over the entire area. This will make your brows beautifully groomed, long lasting, and give an instant LIFT to your face.

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