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ADRIEN ARPEL - Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee [22-07721]

  • ADRIEN ARPEL - Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee [22-07721]
  • ADRIEN ARPEL - Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee [22-07721]


ADRIEN ARPEL - Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee [22-07721]

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Product Description:

Nutrient-rich, this specialized eye treatment is the ultimate crow’s foot warrior.

Used at night, during the skin’s optimal rejuvenation cycle for maximum effect.

0.4 oz/(11g)


This clinically proven formula contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid spheres, specifically formulated for the delicate eye area, but maximized for wrinkle-fighting.

Wrinkle Warrior Ingredients Include:

Malic Acid - Found naturally in apples and pears. Studies show acid may help increase collagen production and reverse sun-induced signs of skin aging. Tartaric Acid - Derived from grapes and citrus, tartaric acid stimulates collagen production while sloughing off dead skin cells that can make the skin look dull. Elastin - Boosts the synthesis of collagen fibers and stimulates skin cell proliferation

How To:

Apply a thin layer to the under-eye area using a light, patting motion.

Highlighted Ingredients:


Cera Alba (Beeswax) -.Pure wax derived from honeycombs, provides a thickening agent for cosmetics and creates a thin layer between the skin and external elements, allowing the skin to retain moisture.

Sunflower Seed Extract – it has smoothing properties and has a high content of linoleic acid and essential fatty acid content, which helps to prevent dryness and roughness and improves the skin’s condition.

Malic Acid and tartaric Acid – Derived from apples and wine, these AHAs have exfoliating and emollient and skin hydration properties.

Elastin – Improves skin’s appearance, softness and suppleness Anabale - Your One Stop Makeup Shop

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