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All Web Promotion - Custom Design Notes

Home Page


Go to the Home page and click 'edit'. Scroll down until you see properties that start with 'featured'. Use the image properties to upload the banners. Use the alt-tag properties to set the ALT tag text for the images. Use the link properties if you want the image to click through to a different page. You can enter the page ID followed by .html or the URL.

Brand Slider

To edit the brand slider, go to Variables and search for 'Brand-slider-ids'. Add or remove IDs from that property. To edit an individual brand slide, go to the page of that slide and click edit. Change the image and click update. To add a new slide, create a new item page and add a name and image. Save the page with the same naming convention (i.e. brand-slider-5). Add the ID of the page you just created to the contents property of the 'slider-container' page and the 'Brand-slider-ids' property under Variables.