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MustaeV - Easy Go (Hairline Contour) Brush - The Chocolate

  • MustaeV - Easy Go (Hairline Contour) Brush - The Chocolate
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MustaeV - Easy Go (Hairline Contour) Brush - The Chocolate

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Product Description:

Create a lush, full hairline! The hairline contour brush is ideal for filling in the hairline and thinning areas to create the appearance of a naturally full head of hair. Made of elastic, deluxe ox hair, the hairline contour brush fills in the empty spots of your hair making your hair look full and thick. Ferrule: Aluminum The Easy Go Brush features a durable Aluminum ferrule that has been anodized and is lightweight for convenient portability. Handle: Birch Wood The Easy Go Brush features a short handle made of Birch Wood which is resistant to chipping and allows for a steady application. It is lacquered with nine layers of high quality enamel and is decorated with the MustaeV logo. Easy Go Brushes are handmade, hand shaped and feature sensuous color with a stylish, portable design you'll love. Each hair bundle is made with high quality bristles with fine tips which play a major role in the softness and makeup application of the brush. MustaeV's motto is "the finer the tip, the softer the brush, the better the makeup application."

Hair Bundle: Ox Hair

Measurements: Total Length: 130 mm

Hair Bundle Length: 13 mm

Hair Bundle Width: 17 mm

Available Colors:


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