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BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer

  • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
  • BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer
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Beauty just got better! Achieve a photo finish face with this pampering Foundation Primer! This primer creates smoother makeup application, and keeps your face flawless - makeup won't run, crease or smudge.



Cyclomethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, crosspolymer, cathamus, tinctorius (Safflower) seed oil, vitis vinifera (Grape) seed oil, tocopheryl acetate, retinyl palmitate, phenoxyethanol, ispropylparaben, isobutylparaben, butylparaben

How This Foundation Primer Works:


The face primer is a wonderful way to retain your makeup throughout the day. Since these products are relatively new, only few cosmetic stores such as BH Cosmetics stock the makeup. Face primer helps to pamper your facial skin and also serves as a protective layer.

The best time to apply the face primer is after moisturizing, so that the makeup would can penetrate your skin prior to your normal foundation routine. Basically, this cosmetic is applied beneath foundation as a cosmetic base coat. It generally retains your entire makeup and helps you achieve a flawless finish. How the Face Primer Works As mentioned earlier, the primer is what commences the makeup process; it is applied under foundation, over moisturizer. You would add color coat as well. The completion of the steps or process is carried out with a powder dusting, which also fixes the application. Face primer behaves in a similar manner as nail polish - it makes coating available for foundation, thus serving as the hold-layer for foundation. The Face Primer Makes Your Foundation Last Longer This fact cannot be overemphasized. The breathable nature of the skin pore results in makeup consumption. Thus, the face primer builds a barricade between your skin and foundation coating. This would block makeup consumption as the pores breathe. Consequently, the primer helps your foundation to stay fresh all day. This is the secret behind fresh looking makeup all day. You may have noticed that some people's makeup does not wear off until they are ready to go to bed, primer is simply the secret. Other Benefits of Face Primer Camouflage Some added benefits that primer provides include moisture, as well as tinting. This helps make the skin tone look even. It also results in varying textures, to prevent certain skin issues from surfacing. Better Coverage Face primer makes the skin's surface smoother, enhances coverage and accentuates a finish look more than you would achieve with only foundation. Ultimately, makeup consumption and skin blemishes would be minimized effectively. Each time you admire flawless finish makeup on someone else, the secret is a combination of foundation and face primer. So, you can achieve the same or even better results with this combo. The Smoothing Effect The foundation glides over a coating which the face primer provides. The primer is usually in gel form and a lot of makeup artists prefer the gel-like form since it gives them flawless finish. Individuals also achieve the same stunning result with this makeup. There are top brands of face primer - online stores are good places to explore when it comes to the best brands. A good number of makeup artists purchase their primer from BH Cosmetics, the store stocks high quality cosmetics at affordable prices. Your makeup can stay fresh all day, as though you apply it every 3 hours - the secret is face primer. Eye primer is also great for sustaining eyeshadow.