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Gale Hayman Super Rich Moisture Cream Super Rich Moisture Cream

  • Gale Hayman Super Rich Moisture Cream Super Rich Moisture Cream
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Gale Hayman Super Rich Moisture Cream Super Rich Moisture Cream - 1 fl oz (30 ml)

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Super Rich Moisture Cream by Gale Hayman Beverly Hills Anabale - Your One Stop Makeup Shop

Product Description:

It's amazing. And here's the story behind it:

When I launched Gale Hayman Beverly Hills cosmetics 20 years ago I began with the Key Product - YOUTH-LIFT that you all know and love and still love. Youth-Lift goes on BEFORE your moisturizer to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Youth-Lift is NOT a moisturizer. It continues to be an amazing skin primer.

All these years I've been researching for a breakthrough moisturizing cream that was a TEN on the scale - a real Star the way Youth-Lift became. It's taken 10 years in the making - and yes, it's finally here!

I've tested and used every cream imaginable - after beginning Super Rich Moisture Cream I really was shocked at how much younger my skin looked. It gives skin a plumper look. The dewy - youthful glow returned. It is also wonderful under the eyes and lightly tapped on the eye lid (get rid of those crinkles). The combination of the ingredients AND the delivery system make it happen. Trust me - you will be very happy when you see your results in the mirror.

What makes it amazing?



- SKINMIMIC Moisture System

These molecules and lipids work together in the unique Skinmimic Moisture System to make your skin look moist. With this Maximum amount of moisture, elasticity, firmness, smoothness and younger looking skin is the result.

These three skincare breakthroughs provide the solution for Mature or simply Dry Skin on face, decollete and back of hands. It's also good as a preventative for younger women to use weekly to PREVENT moisture loss.

You MUST have Super Rich Moisture Cream. You will thank all of us at Gale Hayman Beverly Hills who worked so hard in developing it. It works!

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